I am interested in ecology and themes pertaining to evolution, particularly life history evolution and biogeography. As a herpetologist, I am also interested in the biology of turtles, especially tortoises (Family Testudinidae). My research with turtles and tortoises has included analyses of population size and structure; home range, dispersal, habitat use, and seasonal activity patterns; reproduction and survival; population modeling; and biogeography. I’ve worked with a variety of species, including yellow mud turtles, gopher tortoises, Mojave and Sonoran desert tortoises, Texas tortoises, and pancake tortoises. I am passionate about conservation issues, and much of my work has focused on analyses of threats to turtle and tortoise populations, making recommendations for management of habitat and conservation of populations, implementing applied conservation projects, and providing education. I am currently available for collaborations with individuals and teams.

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Dr. Tuma has engaged in research with North American Gopherus tortoises since 1994 and desert tortoises since 2004. He has conducted several ecological and applied field research projects and numerous other efforts on Bureau of Land Management lands, National Parks military bases, state lands, and private lands in California, Nevada, and Arizona.
Dr. Tuma has engaged in pancake tortoise work in East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) since 2011. Photo by Jane Tuma.