Michael W. Tuma, PhD

Michael W. Tuma, PhD is available for hire or contract for the following biological and ecological services:

  • Authorized Biologist for desert tortoise surveys and monitoring, desert tortoise translocations, health assessments, disease testing, radio telemetric tracking, ecological field research, and other specialized studies and techniques
  • General biological assessments, pre-construction surveys, special status wildlife species habitat assessments and presence/absence surveys, nesting bird surveys, rare plant surveys, Joshua tree assessments, and monitoring
  • Reporting and permitting packages for review by federal, state and local agencies

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Dr. Tuma and coworkers examine a female desert tortoise prior to its translocation from a project site. Dr. Tuma is authorized under various permits to handle desert tortoises during implementation of translocations, health assessments, blood and tissue sampling, attachment and removal of radio transmitters, and other techniques.
Dr. Tuma is an Authorized Biologist with permissions from agencies (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, others) to handle and translocate desert tortoises.